custom developments

Development of custom tailored software and device prototypes

We start where standards can't cover your needs

Our Service

Office Automation

Full Automation and interoperability between MS Office documents using a custom user interface.

Data Interfaces

We develop custom interfaces for standard and non standard file formats.

Automated File Reporting

Perfectly formatted document export
MS Word, PDF, PDFA and other formats.

Runtime Reporting

Online data about e.g. environment or scientific studies can be presented in different platforms and in different ways.

Devices Prototypes

We bring good ideas to running prototypes.


Map solutions.

Automated workflow like you never thought possible.

Increase productivity and reduce errors by
automating repetitive workflows

Let your employees focus on
what they have been trained to do.

Last Projects

Together with our customers we develop custom solutions from scratch
tailoring every aspect to their needs.

Focus surface water Reporting Assessment Tool
Biological Assessment Dossier Automation

Art Installation in which sensory information is picked up and displayed individually internationally.

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